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Portfolio Lender Based in Jackson Heights, New York

$300 Credit, Portfolio Lender in Jackson Heights, NY

Ponce De Leon Mortgage Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of a portfolio lender (parent bank), based in Jackson Heights, New York, that has been in the banking and brokering business since 1996. Please give us a call today to discuss your individual situation in detail with a member of our staff.

About Us

Ponce De Leon Federal Bank has 13 branches throughout New York City and New Jersey. Ponce De Leon Federal Bank was founded over 50 years ago in New York City to serve the needs of the community.

Since Ponce is a portfolio lender, it continues to provide mortgages to the community for owner-occupied and investor one-to-four family homes, as well as mixed-use properties and apartment buildings. In addition, we are still providing construction loans on a case-by-case basis. All rates, terms, and programs are subject to change without notice.


There are not many banks where you can still meet and discuss your loans with a chairman of the bank, we offer such unique personal service. 

Get the Loan You Need

We look at every loan on a personal basis and base our decision on the customer's overall ability to repay the loan. Our loan approvals are not credit score driven. With experience in different areas of real estate, we have a solid understanding of this industry and are proud to give you the loans you can't get anywhere else.

We Offer:

• Commercial Real Estate Loans • Investor Loans • One-to-Four Family Loans • Blanket Mortgages • Construction Loans


Contact us today to receive more information about our company and the services we provide.